These Terms and Conditions (later called “Terms”) and any other Terms and Policies on this website make up the whole Contract of Sale and Services. Nightwishshop.com is a marketplace run by Nightwishshop.com (later “we”, “us”). These Terms govern all business transactions between Nightwishshop.com and its customers. The Service Provider sets the terms for any third-party services used by Nightwishshop.com We might change these terms and conditions without telling you first. The terms and conditions on the nightwishshop.com website apply to all orders placed on the site.

Nightwishshop.com is not responsible for anything that happens because of something outside its control. For example, a Force Majeure Event is an unplanned event or change in circumstances that we can’t do anything about.

Nightwishshop.com has to tell the customer immediately if there is a force majeure.


All sales, marketing, and consumer advertising are made in line with the laws of European Union. Please find out more about how we protect your privacy.

After the order has been sent, the customer will get an email asking them to review or rate the item(s) they bought. You don’t have to leave a review. No personal information will be in any study posted on the nightwishshop.com website.

Cookies are used on the Nightwishshop.com website.

In our Privacy Policy, you can find out more about cookies.


The prices shown for items include VAT but not delivery fees unless it says otherwise. In the Shopping Cart and Checkout, the Delivery Fee is shown as VAT 0% Subtotal. Still, the VAT (if it applies) is added correctly to the order in the Checkout Grand Total.

If there is an apparent mistake in the price, the product will not be sold at a much lower cost than usual. This is because it is likely that the customer would have noticed the mistake.

Dates for release and restocking are estimated based on what distributors and manufacturers say.Nightwishshop.com or its suppliers are not responsible for any delays caused by changes in the weather that are hard to predict.

Nightwishshop.com. keeps all rights to sell products to retailers.

Sending and Getting

NightwishShop offers different ways to ship both domestically and internationally. Please find out more about how we ship things.

The Shopping Cart automatically finds and adds up any available shipping and delivery discounts.

In the Shopping Cart and Checkout, the Delivery Fee is shown as VAT 0% Subtotal. Still, the VAT (if it applies) is added correctly to the order in the Checkout Grand Total.

Orders with items that need to be preordered or restocked will ship when the whole order can be filled.

On business days, fulfilled orders are usually processed within 24 hours; at the latest, they are processed within seven business days. A “Fulfilled Order” is one where all the items are in stock and the payment has been accepted.

Nightwishshop.com is not required to hold any items on the same order for the customer if one or more items are on pre-sale or need to be restocked or if the restocking is delayed for some reason we can’t control.


You can only pay us online.

Returns & Exchanges

All our items can be returned or exchanged within 14 days of receiving the shipment. After 14 days, we are no longer responsible for refunds or exchanges.

Please find out more about how we handle returns and exchanges.

Contact our customer service at [email protected] if you have any questions about returns, exchanges, or refunds.

Promises and responsibilities

According to European Union laws, we are responsible for products that need to be better. For more information, please email [email protected] to talk to our customer service.

Complaints, reclaim

When returning goods or making a claim, the customer must show Proof of Purchase, a receipt, or some other document that shows where and when the goods were bought. Nightwishshop.com has the right to make the customer pay for the costs of looking for a receipt.

Only written complaints and claims are taken into account. You can send our customer service an informal complaint by email to [email protected]

The laws of the European Union will be used to interpret and apply the Terms and Conditions on this website and any other agreements we make with you to provide you with services.

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